Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Heartless Moves: Impeding the wise

Today is the day I changed. My kind hearted spirit did not disappear, but my eyes expanded more than a human eye should. I found myself in tears. I was striving for something that was attainable, but restrictions applied. I'm not sure how I missed the memo. I usually read all the fine print. For some the restrictions meant nothing, but for me the restrictions meant everything. All the strides I made to excel based on my merit were taken from me because of one response I made. A response that some might know a bit toooo well… I typed the two letter word "NO"! I will NOT mix business with pleasure! Furthermore, I'm not "one of those" you work for this! In this male dominated industry why does everything result back to sex? Do you know me? What's my mom’s name? How many siblings do I have? EXACTLY my point! You have NO clue! When did asking for pu$$y become the norm? You have no shame?...This is the day I started my blog. This blog will reveal not just the truth about people whose heartless moves impede the wise, but will uplift and encourage those who struggle with what to do when they are put in comprising situations. My blog will encourage those to better themselves in different aspects in their lives. My blog will be the promotion we all need! Lead your own path. It’s funny, but I always take the road less traveled!

Heartless Moves: Impeding the wise...