Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Under Construction

With the New Year approaching and so much to do, I’ve been extremely busy. Unfortunately, I have not been able to post this month as often as I would have liked. On another note, I am grateful to say that God has blessed me with gifts that I will be exploring in 2012. 

Thank you all for your continued support. To all those that have been anticipating the unveiling of my first piece, it is definitely worth the wait! It’s almost time for me to share it with the world. I will launch my collection early next year so stay tuned! 
Look forward to new posts and what's next for the Uniquely Atypical brand. It’s about to go DOWN owww! 2012 will be amazing…CLAIMED!!!  

The Heartless Moves series will be continued and I can’t wait to share. The scoop on how I lost 45 pounds the right way will be revealed and so much more.  

So as you can see, I am Under Construction, but the finished product will be MAGNIFICENT!!!

Coming soon!!! :)

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Everything is possible with God..."Iyabo! Cuisine"

"Everything is possible with God" were the lovely words that were uttered by the uncle of Kudira Afolayan, owner of "Iyabo! Cuisine", during the opening prayer. On November 20th, I was given the opportunity to attend the launch of "Iyabo! Cuisine" and blog about it. This event was truly motivation to all that no matter what obstacles you might face in life, with God by your side, you can accomplish anything.

The event was a true success! Every seat was filled, leaving some people standing while they waited to consume the tasty menu that awaited us. From coconut rice to seafood fried rice, from curry chicken to fried fish, there were delicious dishes for everyone to taste. As I sat with a few people to get their individual feedback, smiles consumed them. They, like myself, were truly pleased with Iyabo! Cuisine. My favorite items on the menu would definitely have to be the coconut rice, curry chicken, fried plantain, and moi-moi...simply scrumptious!

I got a chance to have a one on one conversation with Kudira. Read about it below to find out more about her journey:
How was the beginning of your journey?
In the beginning I had plans to go to school to further my education. When going to school in the states wasn't working out for me, my friends encouraged me to cater because I'm great at cooking.

When I asked what steps she took, she explained that she enrolled in a private college for culinary arts and hospitality management. As she excelled in her program, she prayed and let her faith guide her to put all her energy into starting her own catering company. On Nov 20th, it became official with the launch of Iyabo! Cuisine.

It was a scrumptious Sunday!!! :)

Iyabo means "she has returned or mother has come back". When I asked why she picked this name, Kudira replied "My grandmother died when I was 12. She taught me how to cook. She was like a mother to me." She explained that in her culture after a grandmother passes, their daughter is meant to name their next daughter Iyabo. Because Kudira's mother already had all her kids, Kudira decided to name her company Iyabo in honor of her grandmother.

Christmas is coming up and I know most of us are truly exhausted from the slaving it took to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. So, why cook? Contact "Iyabo! Cuisine" and let Kudira cater to your appetite. You haven't tried traditional African food? Well, evidently you are truly missing out! Contact Kudira today and she will have you and your guests smiling from ear to ear!

Contact Iyabo! Cuisine:
Kudira Afolayan
@iyabocuisine on twitter
Iyabo Cuisine on facebook coming soon!

Support black owned businesses. Get your plate today!

Meet Kudira Afolayan, owner of "Iyabo! Cuisine" 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Versace for H&M...the day before!!!

So, if you have any interest in fashion, you just got to know about the craze everyone is talking about...YESSSSS!!! The collaboration with Versace and H&M!!! 

It's been highly anticipated and it has finally come to fruition!

If you reside in the DMV area, you already know that there is only one location worthy to carry this high end merchandise. Soooo, let me tell you that on Friday, November 18th around 5:30pm, the H&M on F street in D.C., lines were already forming. 

Honestly, I know that this is a huge collabo in fashion and I'm truly ecstatic, but 5:30 pm on Friday people? The debut of the new collection was not until 8 am on Saturday, November 19th. I had come to my own realization that maybe there is some giveaway I didn't know about. So I figured, let me be the personable individual I am and let me spark conversation with these excited consumers. So I did some damage at the nearest American Apparel and a little after 7 pm, I went to MINGLE!

Everyone seemed so enthusiastic...ummm was I missing something? It was nearly 40 degrees outside. The line had already reached the Forever 21 entrance. Evidently, I wasn't missing anything. They were all awaiting the debut of this phenomenal collection. There were as many men as there were women. As I conversed with a few people, they informed me that there were no giveaways, but they wanted to be the first ones with the apparel. As I walked closer to the front of the line, there was a woman who had the biggest smile on her face. I asked her what brought her here so early. Her response was "are you kidding me?...Versace at 90% of the price!”.

 Well, there you have it folks. If you were not there earlier today, you're too late. Me on the other hand, I witnessed history in the making! By 8:30 am today, the men’s line was completely sold out! Yes, 30 minutes after the store opened!

The women’s line was completely demolished by noon! The limited edition is SOLD OUT!!! Versace for H&M...I love you and the DMV does too!!! 

Check out the pictures below…


Versace for H&M provided hot chocolate and beverages for customers!

Chairs ready!!!

It's cold, but they are prepared!

Act up if you want to...SECURITY!

Men made it to the front owww!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New to the city

A few Friday's ago, I attended an event that definitely needs recognition. Living in the DMV area is not like living in NYC, where you always have a variety of things to do. So, when there is an event that strays away from the normal club and lounge scene, it definitely sparks my attention. The grand opening of Studio 85 was awesome! It screamed nothing but POSHNESS! Studio 85 is a new arts & apparel boutique in Washington, DC. The ambiance that night was definitely one that I can get used to in the DMV area.
Upon entering the event, you were greeted by the pleasant ladies of Studio 85. There was music playing and a bartender serving complimentary wine, beer, and beverages for some of DMV's finest to enjoy. Might I add that the complimentary cupcakes by "Very Good Cupcakes" were simply delicious! I'm salivating just thinking about them. Lol.

Black owned businesses definitely took their shine (e.g, Catering by Simply Deliciosa, Very Good Cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries by BasketTreats, Jewelry by Elements of Freedom...)! 

Support black owned businesses

To top it off, I was able to watch a painter create a masterpiece, as people mingled throughout the night. I don't know about yall, but I need a painting ASAP!

The grand opening of Studio 85 was definitely a lovely event filled with lots of beautiful people. For the owners, who are sisters (Tiffany, Tammi, and Tamika), this is only the beginning. I wish you all much success! Studio 85 is new to the city and I welcome you!

The owners of Studio 85 also own their own nail polish line entitled "Studio 85 Nail Gloss" which features three collections: "District of Columbia", “City Girl”, “Southern Gal", and "Stay Beautiful".

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Black Girls Rock!!!

First, I would like to thank Beverly Bond for creating a platform for recognizing black women for their tremendous accomplishments, and Debra Lee for making it possible to televise this amazing show for the world to see. October 15th was truly spectacular! I had the privilege of attending the Black Girls Rock Awards for the second year in a row! 

Black Girls Rock encourages the empowerment of women of color. For decades, African American women have been labeled as “MAD” black women. Well, Black Girls Rock has a new definition for MAD…Black woman - Making A Difference! During the course of the show, M.A.D honored young entrepreneurs who are giving back to the world through non-profit organizations they individually founded. Simply amazing! 

 If these segments were not motivation enough, then I honestly don’t know what is. 

*INSPIRED* <---- I am

The gorgeous and talented Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King hosted the remarkable award show. They did an extraordinary job! Erykah Badu “The Queen of Neo-Soul” opened signing one of my favorite songs “Apple Tree”. She was wearing a unique jacket. Erykah...where can I purchase it? I am just asking. 

Erykah’s performance was just one of the many incredible performances of the night. I have to touch upon the fourth performance by Jill Scott... *whew* 

She was phenomenal! You'll just have to see it for yourself because she is not just an a$$, in her words. May I add that her pants were definitely a must have! For those that know me, I loveee fashion, so PLEASE believe me when I say the outfits were on point! Tracee, we need to talk! Your wardrobe is INSANE…I loved every look! OM freaking G! Tracee's second fit was definitely a sequins gold # that I “need” in my closet today! Whew whew whew..I'm saying a triple whew! Loved it and trying to find it! Lol 

Estelle’s dress was nothing but immaculate. She looked great! Black sequins gowns were definitely the favorite of the evening. 6 Awards were given to 7 phenomenal black women! Academy Award-winning actress, Taraji P. Henson received the Star Power Award. Her acceptance speech was motivational and touching. “I had to stay creative or I would die” she said. WOW! That was so deep. I was moved! She even shared what her dad once said to her. He said, “You are who you hang out with.” These are the very words my mom shared with me growing up. Hence, why my entourage has really changed. Honestly, it is the best advice a parent can give their child. Tatyana Ali received the Young, Gifted & Black Award. In her acceptance speech, she shared how her mom always said to her “be a sponge. Listen, watch, and absorb everything around you”. These words definitely portrayed how important it is to educate yourself.

Honestly, you'll just have to tune in tomorrow, Sunday, November 6th, at 8 pm on BET! 

The Black Girls Rock experience was magnificent, educational, and motivational! It definitely brought me to tears. Tears of joy because I am a black woman who ROCKS!!!

                      The unveiling of my first piece coming soon..."This is why I rock!"

To donate to the black girls rock foundation please go to:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Pregnant!!!

This is an amazing feeling. WOW!!! A new life being cultivated within my being, or should I say, instilled in me. I am blessed beyond measure. For the last few years, I honestly can say I've been going through what I call and consider to be a "pre-midlife crisis". It’s matter how many times I express with certainty to my mother that I'm currently in this stage of my life, she definitely informs me that I am clearly just I've known for a long time that I'm creative, but what do you do when you are interested in so many different things?

I remember my college professor talking to the class about how important it is to find your niche. A few Sunday's ago, my pastor preached about how God blessed us all with gifts and has engraved a blueprint on how we should embrace them. So, I decided that if there is anything I'm passionate about, I mean anything that hinders me from sleeping because it's on my mind, I will put it into prayer and if it is still in my heart, I'm completing it! 

OM freaking G...

I'm pregnant!

I didn't expect it to happen this soon. I've given breath to a new life...the birth of the Uniquely Atypical Brand!!!

I’m a designer!

I wore the first piece I designed to the Black Girls Rock Awards on October 15th and it got raving reviews!

The unveiling of my first piece coming soon!

Stay Tuned...