About Me

I love to write. It is truly one of my passions. I have a way with words that a reader can truly find stimulating. As an outlet to express my creativity and interests, I started this personal blog. I usually write about anything that inspires me. Through my writing, I have found my calling and the true essence of my existence. 

My other passion is fashion. I consider my style to be very unique. I like to take risks with different items of clothing, that may otherwise be over-looked by others, and turn it into an ensemble that I can call my own. It is evident that I was destined to start my own clothing line, Uniquely Atypical! Uniquely Atypical by Karin launch details coming soon!!!

I have 3 passions…the third one is my heart (since I was a little girl)...TV Personality and On-Air Work!!! I love hosting. ;o)