Saturday, March 31, 2012


Yesterday, after getting off a call with my colleague, I was truly excited. She had just informed me that the Mega Millions were increased to $640 million. The entire week, I talked about playing and at that moment I was feeling luckier that I ever felt. I decided to go buy a few tickets and I went back to work. Later that day I got a call from my mother asking me to go back and get $5 worth of tickets. Hesitant at first, I had no choice but to listen to her. 

Well, that was the best choice I ever made. The entire day I was feeling lucky. The one thing I failed to do...being specific about what kind of luck I wanted. SMH. LOL. I won $150!!! I was only one number away from winning $10,000 and two numbers away from winning the Jackpot! *SIGH* Lucky, but not lucky enough!

The winning numbers were 02-04-23-38-46, and the Mega Ball 23.

My numbers...


CBS reported this morning that there were 3 winning tickets sold. The winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas! Happy winnings to all three winners! :)

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The unveiling of my first piece... in the matter of days!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Today's post definitely strays from the norm, but I just had to share. For those that know me, I have a great sense of humor and an unforgettable laugh. Well, trust that I'm truly tickled by a few things I've come across and my laughter definitely left a mark lolololol. Enjoy!!!

Owwww I love Angelina Jolie and apparently the kids do too!!! 


You have to admit...this is HILAR and sad at the same time SMH!!!


PLEASE refer to my blog post entitled "BUTTS"...THAT IS ALL 


Then there comes the time that what initially tickled you, truly disgusts you. Hence my face

Honestly, this individual most have hit the ultimate low. INSULTING!!! 



Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Never judge a book by its cover. One word immaculate! This definitely put me to tears. Please watch to the end...simply amazing!!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heartless Moves: Trust

As sneaky as a chameleon, as treacherous as a thief, and as insecure as a slanderer... when someone shows you who they are the first time, receive it and believe. For those like me that always try to see the good in others, trust in God and believe for He will always reveal what He will, even allow the blind to be able to see. Don't mind those that always refer to scriptures, but practice each deadly sin instead of what they preach. They will try to hinder your success, but they must have forgotten that you are truly blessed. If they had it their way, you would never excel, but evidently, they forgot what we were once taught... do unto others as you want done unto you. Karma shall be their destiny. So, don't dwell on yesterday and don't be saddened by today, for tomorrow will be a brighter day!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


What does the color of my skin really say about me? Do history books really depict my struggle? So much time has elapsed, but is it still the same story? Made to feel inferior, by another minority? It can't be true. Why let a stereotype depict your opinion of me? Did I let a stereotype hinder how I felt about you? No! I have yet to understand the words that come out of your mouth as you converse to your brother, but why does it matter? It’s the language you choose to speak. So, if today I choose to speak a language other than English, don't dare insult me. Don't judge me based on my visage. You have yet to hear my struggle. Have I uttered one word in response to your snide remarks? No, because for those that know my motto, the best response to a fool is silence! As you continue to stare at me, know that no matter how much you look, the color of my skin will not fade. There is no bleaching cream strong enough to erase my history. So why would I change myself to put you at ease? I would NEVER! No matter how much you think you can predict my next move, you will never know. If you took the same time I took to get to know you, then you would know that my stereotype doesn't define me. Therefore, the next time we cross paths, don't dare insult me based on your misbeliefs. Embrace the fact that I'm opposite of what you once judged me to be. When we meet again, I will not judge you by this misconception. I will do what you failed to. I will give you a chance to show me you.