Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sneak Peek!!!

It’s 2013 and as promised I am ready to share a sneak peek of a Uniquely Atypical by Karin design from my lookbook! It’s definitely a statement piece that scream’s Uniquely Atypical! Remember: "Be bold! Be beautiful! Be bodacious! Dare to be different, wear Uniquely Atypical by Karin!” Enjoy!!!

Uniquely Atypical design by Karin!

Model: Me
MUA: Charmeeka 
Photographer: MP
Shoes: Roberto Cavalli
Shoot Location: Harley-Davidson  USA

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  1. Get it mama....Unique to the core!!!!!Keep doing what u doing!!!!!

  2. HOT! I love this look. I will be e-mailing you. - Tina

  3. from head to toe -- beautiful, as always! love the look! :-)

  4. One of my favs! I want this get up! Love your hair you look amazing. I want you to design some high waisted shorts for me please!

    1. Awww thanks doll face!!! I appreciate the comments. Of course I will. Let me know when you ready. Thanks for doing my make-up. Truly one of my fav make up artists. :)